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Who Needs Life Insurance

Who Needs Life Insurance

If something happens to you…

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Do I need life insurance?

If something happens to you, your loved ones don’t just lose you–they also lose your income, on top of everything else.  If you provide financial or caregiving support to someone, it’s essential to make sure they would be taken care of if they lost you.

If you fall into one of these categories, you likely need life insurance:

*Parents – According to USDA,  it costs about $234K to raise a child, without even considering college tuition.  If you own life insurance at the time you pass, it can help ensure your children will have financial support to grow and live the life you want for them.

*Married  Couples –  Make sure the person you share your life with would be taken care of if you passed unexpectedly.  It is recommended that  both partners in a marriage should have a life insurance policy that factors in things like debt, expenses, or future financial plans.

*Homeowners – A mortgage will probably be the largest debt you ever take on and you wouldn’t want to leave your family members stuck with it.

*Retirees – It’s natural to have concerns with covering your final expenses if you’re approaching retirement age.  A whole life insurance policy can give you and your loved ones peace of mind.

*Caretakers – If someone depends on you, like an elderly parent or family member with a disability, you want to make sure they would be taken care of.

*Students – Unfortunately, your student debt might not disappear if you pass away.  If you have a private student loan, your parents, cosigners or other family members could be on the hook for your debt.

*Business Owners – You’ve put a lot of hard work into building your business.  Life insurance coverage can help ensure that your business could continue operating if something happened to you.

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