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Insurance Options

Life Insurance

"A life insurance policy is a love letter written to the ones you love."

If you were to die prematurely, you can make sure your family is taken care of and their needs are met. There are different options, to ensure your specific wants and needs are met.
Critical Illness Insurance
If you’re lucky, you’ve probably never had to use critical illness insurance (sometimes called catastrophic illness insurance). Perhaps you’ve never even heard of it.
Disability Insurance
Disability insurance provides partial income so you can pay your bills if you get too sick or injured to work. Disability happens to more people, more often than you may think.
Heart Insurance
Heart Disease is the #1 cause of death among men and women in the United States. Every 38 seconds, on average, someone in the U.S. dies of a heart related disease.
Hospital Indemnity Insurance
Hospital indemnity insurance is a supplemental insurance plan designed to pay for the costs of a hospital admission that may not be covered by other insurance.
Stroke Insurance
Medicare coverage is available for stroke victims. With a stroke comes plenty of side effects. Medicare coverage includes both inpatient and outpatient care.
Cancer Insurance
Every year, more and more people are diagnosed with cancer. Unfortunately, in addition to bearing the physical and emotional toll of this disease…
Vision Insurance
Insurance for vision helps protect the health of your eyes. How? Vision insurance plans cover routine eye examinations and help pay for…
Dental Insurance
There are many quality dental individual and group plans available.
Long Term Care
It might be hard to imagine now, but chances are you’ll need some help taking care of yourself later in life. The big question is…
Retirement Planning
It’s never too early or too late to start planning for retirement. Seeking professional financial advice can help you make informed decisions based on your specific circumstances and goals.
Estate Planning
A Will ensures your estate, children and overall finances are handled in a responsible manner based on your wishes. Get your Will, Living Will and Power of Attorney.
College Funding
The cost of college is rising. If you are asking yourself “How do I position my financial situation to help my child to attend the college of their choice?” SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards is your answer.
Financial Literacy
Our mission in teaching financial literacy is to empower individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed and responsible financial decisions. This initiative serves several important purposes
Our insurance agents are certified and licensed in multiple states and our clientele is nationwide. We have relationships with A+ Rated Insurance Carriers, allowing us to provide outstanding products and services to meet your insurance needs. Best Options Insurance Agency strives to educate you on your options. We help you make an informed decision to meet your specific needs. If you qualify, Best Options will identify programs that may help you save on outof-pocket expenses, while giving you access to much-needed services. We value our relationship with our clients and are committed to providing sound advice, excellent service and affordable options geared towards improving your quality of life and giving you peace of mind. Welcome to Best Options Insurance Agency!