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A crucial part of your financial plan, life insurance can help protect your family.

Life insurance solutions

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Why consider term life insurance?
When you need coverage for a limited amount of time, term insurance may be the right choice. For example if you’re planning for the college education of your eight-year old you could choose 10-year term coverage to cover the number of years you intend to save for college. In the event of your death, term life insurance can also be used to meet long-term debts such as a mortgage, short-term debts like auto loans and day-to-day expenses.
Why consider whole life insurance?
For generations, millions of individuals have turned to whole life insurance to meet their life insurance needs because with whole life, your premiums are fixed for the life of the policy. And as long as your premiums are paid in a timely manner the policy will generally remain in force and cannot be cancelled. In addition, certain whole life products can build cash values on a tax-deferred basis, which can be used to help fund expenses during your lifetime.
Why consider universal life insurance?
Unlike whole life policies, universal life insurance uses current interest rates determined by the insurer, which will usually be above the guaranteed minimum interest rate. Universal life insurance provides premium flexibility within maximum and minimum premium limits, generally provides a tax-free death benefit1,3, can offer the ability to withdraw funds, surrender for cash2 or borrow and use the insurance as loan collateral.
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