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We offer a wide range of insurance plans and products that focus on all aspects of your well-being—physical and emotional.

Planning for the Unexpected

Supplemental insurance policies offer additional coverage and cash benefits when you need it most.

Why Cigna?
  • Coverage for cancer, hospitalization, stroke and heart attack, accidents, and life insurance
  • Cash benefits to use however you’d like
  • Typically come with affordable monthly premiums
  • Buy anytime, 24/7/365
Turning 65?

We can help you navigate your new world of Medicare.

  • Flexible coverage options
  • Plenty of no-cost perks
  • 24/7 member support
Dental Care, Covered

Oral health affects all your health, both physical and mental.

  • Dental coverage from basic to comprehensive
  • Plan options that bundle vision and hearing, too
  • Coverage costs pennies a day
  • Shop online anytime, 24/7/365
Buying Medical Coverage On Your Own?

Cigna offers quality plan options, personalized support, and low costs.

  • Plans come with $0 virtual care and $0 preventive care
  • Financial assistance available, if you qualify
  • Additional coverage for diabetes and asthma/COPD, if needed
  • Available for shopping during Open Enrollment (Nov 1-Dec 15, in most states)
Getting Started with Your Cigna Plan
Our Member Guide is a comprehensive go-to resource for all members, new and existing. It offers expanded details about plan benefits and services, guidance on getting started, and tips for using your plan to its fullest.
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