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The Best Medicare Advantage Plans In Tennessee (2022)

Tennessee reported 26,364 deaths recently post COVID. On top of that, it is surrounded by Pollution and acute & chronic health conditions. Hospital expenses, bills, and the cost of drug prescriptions can be overwhelming. We must take preventative measures to protect ourselves and our families in such overwhelming times.  

What more we can do is cut the extra expenses to buy a good health insurance cover. Medicare in Tennessee provides comprehensive health coverage for people above 65 and chronic patients. Do you wish to learn more about Medicare Advantage plans in Tennessee? Read this blog thoroughly. 

Medicare In Tennessee: A Complete Guide

Read about the Medicare advantage plans Tennessee 2022 in detail. Reliable resources reported the following Medicare trends in 2022. Take a clue from the following to buy a Medicare plan with today’s reference. 

  • Approximately 1,397,568 residents in Tennessee have a Medicare plan. 
  • The cost of the average monthly plan in Tennessee has increased from 2018 to 2022.
  • There are 112 Medicare plans in Tennessee in comparison to 2021. 
  • All Tennessee residents with a medicare plan have a medicare advantage plan with 0 premium. 
  • There are 12 Medigap plans in Tennessee in 2022. 

You have various options to choose from Medicare in Tennessee based on your pocket and needs. You may choose the original Medicare plan with or without supplements, such as Medicare Advantage Plan C or Medicare supplement plans. Read ahead to know the difference between the two. 

The Original Medicare Plan

Most of the people in Tennessee are already a part of Medicare’s original plan once they turn 65. However, the federal government provides the Original Medicare plan A and B at a young age. The Original Medicare plan that the government provides includes the following things: 

  • Hospital care: Plan A covers inpatient hospital care, short-term skilled nursing, and home healthcare benefits. 
  • Screening services: Plan B covers annual physical tests, blood tests, X-rays, the cost of medical equipment, and ambulance services. 

Now, we will read about the Medicare advantage plan in Tennessee. 

The Medicare Advantage Plan 

If you like some added advantages and coverage in one solid healthcare plan, you may benefit from the Medicare Advantage Plan. Medicare advantage plan is much better than buying any single plan. Private health insurance companies also offer these benefits. 

Plan C of the Medicare Plan provides all the basic options in the health industry in Tennessee with few drug costs. But some plans offer great coverage, including dental, hearing tests, and wellness programs. Medicare Advantage plans that a company offers and a county offers may vary. These are the following things that a Medicare advantage plan offers in Tennessee. 

The medicare advantage plan offers additional drug coverage that the original Medicare plan doesn’t offer to rephrase. 

What Does The Medicare Advantage Plan Cover? 

All Medicare Advantage plans offer the basic services of the original medicare plan. Also, they cover some extra services based on the plan you chose. But you may take clues from the following list. 

  • inpatient hospital stays
  • limited skilled nursing care
  • outpatient doctor’s visits
  • diagnostic services 
  • lab tests
  • preventive care 
  • vaccines
  • mental health services
  • physical and occupational therapy
  • durable medical equipment
  • emergency and urgent care
  • transportation facilities for medical care
  • fitness services

Some companies may also give you extra services based on your plan. 

  • Preventative inpatient and outpatient care.
  • routine hearing tests and care
  • over-the-budget medical supply expenses 
  • vision care
  • dental care
  • podiatry services
  • chiropractic care
  • diabetic supplies

When Should You Enroll?  

You can sign up for a Medicare Advantage plan during particular enrollment periods. You first have to enroll in Medicare plan A and B. 

Moreover, you can enroll in the enrollment periods from October 15 to December 7. Enrollment for the medicare advantage plan begins on January 1 and ends on March 31. 

Quick Tips For Enrolling In Medicare Advantage Plan In Tennessee

We have so many options to choose from, so finding the right plan will take time and energy. To make your research work easy and interesting, we have compiled a few quick tips so you can choose the right Medicare Advantage Plan. Read the following tips carefully to select a plan that suits all your needs. 

What Is That You Need

While comparing plans, focus on what you need. Make a list of all the health services you often need. For instance, hospital care, home healthcare, doctor’s visits, and regular screenings. Then, make a list of extra services you might need now or in the future. For example, dental coverage, transportation, hospice care, etc., Look for plans that match your and your family’s healthcare needs. 

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Doctor’s Preference 

Are you satisfied with your current doctor? Medicare Advantage plans in Tennessee work with network-approved doctors. If you rely on private clinics, home health workers, etc., find out which insurance carriers they are in-network with. Moreover, get services from an experienced doctor itself. 

Cost Of The Medications

One of the most overwhelming costs you have to handle is the cost of the medications. If you wish to enroll in an original Medicare, Plan D will reduce your medication costs. But if you’re planning to enroll in the Medicare Advantage plan, read what the plan covers and what help it will give in the Medication cost. 

Star Rating And Review 

If you cannot narrow down your search and reach a conclusion, check the star rating and reviews. Check on Google and Quora and find out which Medicare plans are ranking on a scale from 1 to 5. Aim for a plan that scores a 4 or 5 in providing quality care and excellent financial support. Read reviews carefully and consider them. Also, remember that word of mouth is a powerful thing. Talk to your friends and known people and find out which plan they have enrolled in. 

Final Words

Last but not least, select the best company. Decisions like these are not made in a hurry. Take your time to do the research and enquire about every company. Compare all the plans you come across and select the best one. Moreover, a cheap medicare advantage plan doesn’t mean that it’s the best. A reliable plan would come a little expensive but remember it is there for you to ease your stress and worries.   

Best Options Insurance Agency offers the best medicare advantage plans in Tennessee. Not only that, we have the best team of experts who believe in solving problems rather than making sales. We will help you decide on the best Medicare Advantage Plan based on your needs and budget. Visit our site and do your research on Medicare insurance plans. 

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